Father John Baptist Bashobora Visits Students at STA

Published on: September 24, 2011

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Thursday September 15- The students at Saint Thomas Aquinas were very pleased to be visited by Father John Bashobora, from Uganda. He captivated the students with his many inspirational, engaging and occasionally humorous stories. He even shared some prayers, songs and dances.

“Father John had such beautiful things to say. He is such an interesting and loving person,” says a grade 9 student. The students found his stories about the people and their lives in Africa very interesting. Father John was very grateful to be welcomed into our school community on this day. He was in Canada for a week and is returning to Uganda shortly. The students were all inspired by what he had to say. He is a very spiritual man; not only is he committed to the poor, but he is also committed to Jesus Christ. He told the students that Christ guides him to do what is right. We hope that our school continues to reflect on his enlightening topics, and we continue to contribute to his meaningful causes. As Father John says, ”Forgiveness will bring love and peace to each heart.”

Father John Bashobora was born in Uganda. At the age of six, inspired by a picture of Jesus, he decided that he wanted to be a priest. In his early adulthood, he met a seven-year-old, orphaned girl. She was deprived of an education, so he decided to sponsor her. From there he sponsored many more children. He went to Nairobi to work with children and teach them. Presently, he is taking care of 5 000 children. He has built 2 elementary schools, 2 high schools and an orphanage, to cater the many children in need of help. He has become dedicated to serving the poor, providing them with clothing, food, education, dignity, and most importantly, love.

Special thanks to Ms. Jasionowska for providing the students with the opportunity to meet this amazing man.

For more information about Father John Baptist Bashobora, visit: www.ccr.org.uk/archive/gn0803/g06.htm

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2 Responses to Father John Baptist Bashobora Visits Students at STA

  1. Joseph Rukeijakare says:

    A very kind man who has no spirit of discrimination.
    He has helped all religious boys especially students who have
    difficulty in getting school-fees.
    The most important aspect,he has brought Jesus to many people in the world especially to his home diocese.
    many people have followed his examples and no wonder whenever there is a crusade whee he is a participant people are very anxious to hear a word from him.
    He has proved to Christians Jesus exists and has never stopped working miracles.
    May God keep him alive for more evangelisation.


    Fr. John Baptist Bashobora is a very humble priest. Jesus is using him to perform miracles but he is very humble and simple priest. If some one does not tell you that he is the one it is difficult to know him. When you hear about him what come to your mind is quiet different from what you see when you meet him. He likes jokes, he like especially to joke with the youth. His heart is full of love. One time he said that if he has money he would pay for all people who would like to study. He has a lot of faith. He promises to pay for students by faith. Most of the time he does not know where the money will come from but when he looks at orphans and he feels sympathetic to them and then he promises to pay for them without knowing where money will come from. We thank God the intimacy of Fr. John with God is so great. God never disappoints him as he promised. He hears his prayers always. When he asks God to forgive people he forgives them, when he asks God to give schoolfees to the orphans he provides through kind people. When Fr. asks God to heal people, he heals them. May God bless Fr. John Baptist Bashobora and may God bless his ministries especiall of looking after orphans. Fr. Bashobora is a blessing. He moves to different places. Sometimes he sleeps only two hours, sometimes he does not sleep. Some times he does not have time to eat because of being busy for the Lord. He is a priest who have given his life totally to Jesus. He said he likes very much songs where there is a name Jesus. I can not talk about Fr. John Baptist Bashobora and finish but I know one thing he blesses our hearts. Looking at him is enough for some one to get healed.